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Hart House Camera Club

91st Annual Exhibition of Photography

March 25 - April 21, 2013


The rules and description of the divisions can be found here.

Senior Black & White and/or Monochrome Film Prints - A. F. Coventry Award

Winner: "Observer" by Art Chow



Junior Division Black & White and/or Monochrome Film Prints - K. B. Jackson Award

Winner: "Untitled" by Angela Konieczkowski


Runner Up: "Untitled" by Angela Konieczkowski



Colour Film Prints - Hart House Colour Print Award

Winner: "Shut" by Art Chow


Runner Up: "L&A underneath a tree" by Paula Razuri


People - W.J. Dowkes Award

Winner: "Mackenzie" by Pamela Forster


Runner Up: "Grandma-'Madarbozorg'" by Jasmine Eftekhari


Honourable Mention: "Raw" by Aya Dajani


Honourable Mention: "Owen" by Grace Ann Bueler



Honourable Mention: "Woman On Train" by Isabel Ungar


Places - W.J. Dowkes Award

Winner: "18th century St. Petersburg" by Konstantin Domaratskiy


Runner Up: "Silence" by Maki Ishida


Honourable Mention: "South Beach" by Di Wang


Honourable Mention: "Muito Linda" by Christine Andrews


Honourable Mention: "Sinking Dock" by Elizabeth MacKenzie



Nature - W.J. Dowkes Award

Winner: "To the light" by Nils Blondon


Runner Up: "Rain Showers in Bloom" by Christine Andrews


Honourable Mention: "Searching beyond nest" by Elmira Reisi


Honourable Mention: "Lightning" by He Zhao

Honourable Mention: "Just Visiting" by Tyla Beke


Altered Images - W.J. Blackhall Award

Winner: "Expired Self Portrait" by Haley Currie

Runner Up: "Saudade by Liat Aharoni


Honourable Mention: "Rift in Darkness" by Aya Dajani


Honourable Mention: "No Direction or Timeline" by Natalia Osmolvskaya

Honourable Mention: "Elapse" by Yemin Tang



Campus Life Images - Yousuf Karsh Award

Winner: "Tension" by Aaron Tan


Runner Up: "Autumn Studying" by Edward Tse


Honourable Mention: "Eyeball 2012" by Wendy Gu



Photographic Essay - Bev Best Award

Winner: "Kensington Market: Toronto's Window Into The Past" by Thomas Lu

Kensington Market is a well-known community in the heart of Toronto, Canada. It is celebrated for its variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants, and remains a hub for both artists and tourists alike.

One of the dominating characteristics of the community is its strong family-oriented mindset. Many of the stores are family run businesses with storeowners behind the counters instead of store managers. “It’s one of the last places that’s not gentrified,” says Cameron Shirreffs of The Electric Theatre. “It’s all small markets. Everyone is really tight.”

The Electric Theater is a new business in the area that also exemplifies another characteristic of the market: its divergence from the norm. Apart from the theatre in the back where they screen old films, The Electric Theatre is also a small café and art gallery that showcases the airbrush artwork of Doug Vanesselstine.

Kensington Market’s distinct identity undoubtedly arises from the storeowners and residents of the area. The market resists the commercialization that has transformed other neighbourhoods in the city. It is a window in time, a glimpse into the romantic world of the past.


Runner Up: "A Candid Pose" by Victoria Chuen

Two different cameras capturing the same moment in time- one as a posed self-portrait and the other, a candid photograph. Presented in this photo essay is the latter. I have always been an enthusiast of candid photographs because they successfully capture the true emotions of any given moment. How peculiar is it that a planned and intentionally posed moment can become candid so quickly from an outsider’s perspective?

Honourable Mention: "Chairs" by Jessica Chu

Our spirits become infused into the chairs of our lives. Even when they are empty, traces of the person - the memories - remain.